To become a Blogger for *GLITTER* you should meet these:

– Your avatar must be at least six (6) months old on second life.
– Your blog should be a minimum of six (6) months old at the time of application.
– Your blog should be active, with a minimum of 1 post per week.
– You will have to join our GLITTER group in world, so you have to be sure you have room for adding us to your groups list.
– Good quality images are required. That means pictures should be at least 2048×2048 ppp. Posts with lower image quality won’t be counted.
– We encourage you to have a Flickr account and join our Flickr group.
– Your blog should be professional and serious. Any blogs that contain inappropriate or offensive language or images will not be accepted (or invited to leave our team).

– All our bloggers belong to *GLITTER Group*. So you can send a notice into the group or chat to let know our customers our lasts but also your own blog and/or flickr.

– Blogger packages or any notification will be send to you through a subscriber. So, please pay attention to not “deny” the delivery
– We ask you to have our brand in your Secondlife profile, preferably under a pic wearing a GLITTER item, or GLITTER logo and GLITTER Landmark; however, appearing in any picture or list including your blog’s sponsor, providers or fav shops is enough for us.
– We would like it if you could make a post for each of our news. In any case, you will post at least one (2) post for our brand per month.
– You should communicate you have blogged GLITTER by sending a notice in *GLITTER Group* and/or publish your post in our facebook or flickr groups. This will be the way for us to check you are following our requirements. The notice should include a link to the post and name of the item, or items, blogged.
– Any of your posts that shows a GLITTER article sent for you to blog should include information about how to acquire it. That means our SLUR, or information about landmark or dates if it is in one of the events GLITTER is into. Please do NOT blog before any event starts.
– In case you need to step away from your blogging responsibilities for a period longer than two (2) weeks, you will inform the GLITTER Bloggers Owner through notecard.
– By sending a notice to communicate you have blogged GLITTER, you agree that GLITTER and Shine Messmer are permitted to use all submitted pictures and data featuring GLITTER items in any way the company considers appropriate. At the same time, GLITTER will acknowledge your involvement regarding all social & visual media online networking services.

If you agree with these requirements and terms, make a notecard with your complete name and your Blog Links + Flickr. Name your notecard “*GLITTER* Blogger entry – Your Name –” and send it to Syra Hyun or Shine Messmer inworld. We are open to receive applications.

ATTENTION: if the name of the notecard is incorrect or incomplete you will not get any answers from us. Thank you for understanding.

Shine Messmer

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