GLAM gown and boa will make your avi red carpet ready. The hanging boa is sold separately and it’s available in matching colors for the gown.

Fitmesh Gown for mesh bodies: BELLEZA (3 bodies and 3 kinds of cleavage: Natural, Perky & Push up)

SLINK (2 bodies)


+ 5 fitmesh standard sizes

+ Alpha layer for Classic Avatars

The gown itself is form fitting and so sexy.

Available in 6 glittered elegant colors

The Fur mesh hanging boa is also offered separately and also in a fat pack, with a texture hud, featuring two more two bonus colors, in 3 sizes

Find it at GLITTER Mainstore



HAWAI Outfit

Under Tropical theme proposed by SWANK July round, GLITTER introduces HAWAI, composed by a mesh beach dress which fits wonderfully with most of mesh bodies (Please try the DEMO always) and a bikini made with layers; it has a hud appliers for: Belleza, Maitreya, Slink, eBODY and Omega.

To complete the beach outfit also sunglasses are included matching perfectly with the 5 colors presented.


HEAVENLY Fitmesh gown & Wings mesh

April SWANK them is based on the well-known film “City of Angels”… Heavenly is inspired on that film… A sleek design of simplicity and understated elegance. Spaghetti straps cross the shoulders creating a deep V bodice. It all form fits cleanly to below the knee where the gown blossoms out and pools lightly on the floor. Fitmesh for Belleza, Slink, Maitreya and classic avatars with its own alpha layer.

Available in 4 softs and celestial colors: Pure White, Ciel, Soft Pink and Gold

Gorgeous mesh wings that can be added to the gown giving that true angel effect. They are sold separately to get them at your choice.

Get is SWANK on April, later may be found at Mainstore:


GLITTER Mainstore

LIZ Cocktail mesh dress

Just its simple name, Liz, bring us to our mind the wonderful Elizabeth Taylor in the most glamorous Hollywood period together with stars like Audrey Hepburn, Marilyn Monroe and many many others.

To celebrate them GLITTER presents this sweet and at the same time sofisticated cocktail mesh dress with a lovely laced pattern, more visible if you use advanced light model windlight settings, tight on the waist and with an add on veil skirt you can use or not. Available in 5 fantastic colors and still available few more days at SWANK. After that it will be at mainstore.



GLITTER Mainstore

CLOSER Lingerie mesh

So romantic…..delicate…..feminine…Soft lace caressing your skin….

Admire the wonderful lace fabric in this original set of lingerie mesh, in 5 standard sizes.

Apply advanced light model to see materials effect.

In exclusive for the month of February at SWANK Event. Once finished you will find it at mainstore


Available in 6 beautiful single colors and also the Fat pack with texture hud.





The Moolto “Love is in the Air” runs from February 1st till March 1st. Glitter gifts you this beautiful short dress PEGGY, knitted, half sleeves in an elegant beige color. Available in 5 standard sizes and with alpha layer for classic avatars.
Hint: A couple…One brown…and One black…
Apply advance light model to see materials effect.


Infatuation is a very sexy outfit keeping a classy style and an elegant touch. Includes a lovely mesh corset in 5 standard sizes and the skirt has a skirt mesh panel also in 5 standard sizes and completing it with Belleza, Maitreya, eBody and Omega Appliers in 5 refined colors: Silver/Black, Sapphire, Bronze, Ice and Ruby.

Actually at SWANK Event January round. Don’t lose it!!






There’s nobody here, except the old circus crew with their Lion Man, the Three-Arm Sisters, the Tallest Man on Earth, and the Bearded Woman.We are living in the 20’s and 30’s. Vintage years, no electrical lights, dusty roads with circus carriages scattered around. An old circus tent stands like a proud “old lady” that knows the end is near….

Every artist… every tightrope walker… every clown… every fire eater…every trapeze artist…all of them shows their most sinister and stunning performance; and GLITTER shows its creation: FREAK outfit…



  • Mesh corset in 7 sizes
  • Mesh spikes chest decor in 7 sizes
  • Mesh decor hips roses in 7 sizes
  • Mesh neck collar in 5 sizes
  • Mesh top hat
  • Mesh black undies in 5 sizes
  • Laced black bra in layers for classic avatars and with several mesh body Appliers: Maitreya, Belleza, eBody and Omega
  • Socks black & white in layers for classic avatars and with several mesh body Appliers: Maitreya, Belleza, eBody and Omega.
  • Mesh handbag creation, courtesy of My Bags by Mila Blauvelt
  • Freak clown makeup creation with Omega Applier for mesh head, courtesy of Alge’s Designs by Algezares Magi Cal



In this ambiance , prelude of the unknown… of the most eccentric wandering artists, GLITTER travels with the circus around the world…


An immersive full-sim shopping experience set in an abandoned, desert town where a creepy freak show has set up shop. The two-week shopping event will include a Halloween fashion show extravaganza on Sunday, October 30, 2016 at 2:00PM SLT; as well as a six-hour block of entertainment, Saturday, November 5, 2016 from 12:00PM to 6:00PM SLT. Entertainment will include dancing to the sounds of popular Second Life® DJ’s; Calrek Nansen, Seashell Dench, Iozi Wasp, Lichi Moonwall, and Freakshow Zsun. With a dazzling live circus performance by the ChangHigh Trinity Sisters mixed in, it is sure to be a fun time and strange, macabre, or quirky costumes are highly encouraged



GLITTER at Freakshow Carnivale Event 2016




This elegant gown is a must have in your wardrobe.  Why?  It is all about versatility.  Not only does this sleeveless plunging neckline comes in 4 different colors , Fraise, Turquoise, Black and Pink but you can go from day to evening!  This gown comes in 2 versions, short for the day or clubbing and long for that formal gala as well as solid, floral or mixed!!!

Which is tone of color you can change via texture hud if using this lovely flowers patter or solid color in short dress and ADD skirt as well, practically you get 4 dresses mixing in one !!



Actually in SWANK September round GLITTER at SWANK Event

Once finished you will find it at GLITTER Mainstore