GLITTER has participated at this legendary hunt almost since the begining and this is the 10th year…WOW !!
Here is Glitter’s prize. A double mesh dress covered by delicated roses in deep red, which I wish you like it ! Actually on sale at mainstore.

More colors released


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This is our second round in Swank event and we are really happy to have joined, especially because of the nice and professional people that are behind this monthly event. I really enjoyed the preview show organized for this round, and cannot wait to see the next for February edition and, of course, the new dress *GLITTER* is creating for it.

*GLITTER*, for SWANK EVENT (From January 7th untill 31st), has brought SMOOTH MESH GOWN, which was done for Daphne Boccacio as Miss Urugay in the final of MISS VIRTUAL WORLD. For this round we offer it in the dusty pink color, as it was created, anda also GLITTER introduces more colors exclusively for SWANK.

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As always, after event ends, you will have this dress at *GLITTER* Fashion Mainstore & CHOP ZUEY Affiliate. Ops, and don’t forget we are in a CLEARANCE SALE, so when you visit us, look for the red circles on the 40 or 40 L$ discounted items before they are gone.

Thank you really much to our bloggers Algezares, Candela Giordano, Lolita Paragorn and Yamila Parx. To my lovely Zipi, who made the dress vendors pictures and I could not help mixing with my own picture. And thanks specially to Miss Uruguay, Daphne Boccacio, who model this paciently for us, and even after a photo session with me, joined our team !!

**Glitter** At the Solaris Fashion Week



Today brought the two exclusive dresses by Glitter for the Solaris Fashion Week. You can find more informations in the EVENTS page and landmarks below. 

Find them during the event from October 10th to 25 at shop retail area —> http//:maps.secondlife.com/Campignon%20DesOs%20Isle/43/96/26

*GLITTER* Fashion Mainstore & CHOP ZUEY Affiliate.

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This gown is unique, amazing, and a must have. It instantly captivates those passing by with the flowing outer gown and the awesome pants/shorts combo that peek out from beneath.
It will definitely turn heads this summer. Elle comes in black, fuchsia, green, white, lemon, red, and turquoise

This is a mesh garment 100%, five standard sizes and two alphas layer. “Elle Gown & Pants” is a vanguard garment, original design for women that love to be original and unique.

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