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This is our second round in Swank event and we are really happy to have joined, especially because of the nice and professional people that are behind this monthly event. I really enjoyed the preview show organized for this round, and cannot wait to see the next for February edition and, of course, the new dress *GLITTER* is creating for it.

*GLITTER*, for SWANK EVENT (From January 7th untill 31st), has brought SMOOTH MESH GOWN, which was done for Daphne Boccacio as Miss Urugay in the final of MISS VIRTUAL WORLD. For this round we offer it in the dusty pink color, as it was created, anda also GLITTER introduces more colors exclusively for SWANK.

Glitter Blog Smooth


As always, after event ends, you will have this dress at *GLITTER* Fashion Mainstore & CHOP ZUEY Affiliate. Ops, and don’t forget we are in a CLEARANCE SALE, so when you visit us, look for the red circles on the 40 or 40 L$ discounted items before they are gone.

Thank you really much to our bloggers Algezares, Candela Giordano, Lolita Paragorn and Yamila Parx. To my lovely Zipi, who made the dress vendors pictures and I could not help mixing with my own picture. And thanks specially to Miss Uruguay, Daphne Boccacio, who model this paciently for us, and even after a photo session with me, joined our team !!

*GLITTER* in A Winter’s Dream.

Joy 4 colors by Zipi 1024x737

.PENUMBRA. is collaborating with Relay for Life to bring you A Winter’s Dream, where fashion will come alive in a glittering show of exquisite beauty, featuring semi-exclusive designs. And GLITTER is proud to participate with a spectacular formal dress, JOY, which will be sold after the runway show at the SL Christmas 2015 Expo. It is sold FULL PACK. Includes texture hud for the mesh dress of 4 colors, completed with mesh necklace and non mesh ADD ONS, so one get this gown in all colors and helps to rise to RFL.

Winter's Dream
Save the date (Sunday December 6 @ 10AM SLT) on your calendar for this amazing event which will raise a lot of linden for the American Cancer Society. We are fighting for a cure and every linden that can be raised is one step closer to ending this fight. We need your help because together, we can achieve this amazing winter’s dream.
Winter’s Dream Fashion Show Audience
GLITTER at RFL Xmas Expo Polar for the American Cancer Society


L.A. Lady blue by Fox
These week GLITTER’s  TUESDAY could be said as our starter for this new Christmas season coming. A gown in 4 colors, mesh, strapless neckline and brodery decorated…. Just only 75 L$ and you will GLITTER in any event you go. Could you have more for less?

*GLITTER* Fashion Mainstore & CHOP ZUEY Affiliate.

Picture by FoxElektra


_GLITTER_ 75L$ Tuesday SOFT SEQUIN gown in 7 colors
GLITTER has been setting special offers quite often recently. Last week it was on Tuesday, and Shine started to think about that once and then offers could become in something much more regular and organized. The seed of GLITTER’S 75L$ TUESDAY OFFER had born!! Always a nice piece that is sold at least twiece this price will be on sale for a week from Tuesday to Tuesday.

Pictures are of this round 75L$ TUESDAY OFFER – This week a lovely and feminine gown at JUST 75 L$!!
*GLITTER* Fashion Mainstore & CHOP ZUEY Affiliate.



SUSAN is the NEW exclusive dress for IDE’s November Round. It started on November 7th and last till end of the month.

Susan is a system template dress which can be worn for classic avatars BUT it includes also the OMEGA Applier, so, this would be the perfect streched option to wear with your mesh bodies. It is completed with mesh skirt pannel in 3 sizes. It is available in 5 colors, these time are sold separately at the amazing price of 99l$ each one.



Glitter -ethereal
Ethereal was one of the exclusives created by Shine for The Solaris Fashion Week and that you can find now at the main shop, soft, sensuos, femenine, like a fairy that becomes in a woman. Yes, surely I have been reading too many tales at night, but come and try the demo, and tell me if I am wrong or right.

*GLITTER* Fashion Mainstore & CHOP ZUEY Affiliate.
Pictures by Candela Giordano, Judelin and Syrah Hyun. Thank you so much for these lovely pictures !!!



This is our second round at IDE, and I am sure it won’t be the last. this ends on 30, so hurry to be ready for Hallowen with this lovely outfit…. again, Glitter or Treat.


*GLITTER* Fashion Mainstore & CHOP ZUEY Affiliate “Red on red will turn into Deep Blue”.



✤ HALLOWEEN HUNT at GLITTER is started along the shops, 8 Bronze Skulls at 5, 10, 20 L$, 1 Silver Skull at 40 L$ which has a wonderful mesh halloween dress and 1 Golden skull at 50L$ containing one of the last mesh gowns in red (no halloween themed). Until November 1st. Have fun and enjoy hunting!!!

So, what do you want? Glitter or Treat ?
*GLITTER* Fashion Mainstore & CHOP ZUEY Affiliate.