First of all a big THANK YOU to all the people who has voted for GLITTER Poses ♥

Congratulations to all the nominees!!

We feel proud and so excited with this nomination. Something really unexpected but always welcomed! Less than one year ago Glitter started a new adventure with Glitter Poses and after some months we are nominated for the Avi Choice Award. The last edition….sadly….

We can get it…we can get it just if you think we deserve it ! In that case click on the link below, look for “Fashion Awards Vote Here!” and scroll down the page till the bottom where you will find the category “Favorite Pose Maker” and so, Glitter Poses – Shine Messmer.

It will be an honor if you choose to vote for Glitter Poses. Also you can find boards to click in our Plaza if you go to pick up the new November Group Gift, joining GLITTER!

GLITTER Poses store

Again….Thank you from the heart!

glitter poses logo white


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