I know….I know….it’s already a bit late but just now I had the time to add here some of the new releases I made for this last Xmas. Not all of them are completely Christmas themed but gowns, formal and casual

*GLITTER* SANTA STARS Mesh dress with belt and hat. Realized in 4 different colours: Red, Blue, Green and White

Santa stars by Layka with logo

Santa stars blue by Diosa


*GLITTER* XMAS Lady is a sofisticated Santa’s fitmesh outfit with top, long gown and patterned with few golden starts here and there. It completes de outfit the hat

Xmas lady by Diosa1

Xmas Lady by Judelin


*GLITTER* STARRY NIGHT. A starry beautiful dark night full of stars it may happens any season of the year as you can wear this elegant mesh dress with hat and veil. Available in 3 deep colours; Red, Blue night and Black


Starry night red by Judelin

Starry night red by Diosa


*GLITTER* KALA Fitmesh outfit in original winter pattern with some soft sparkling spots. Completes the outfit fitmesh gloves and a lovely turban scarf also mesh

Kala by Diosa

Kala by Judelin

Kala by Lucia 1


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