WOW !! What to say?…Last night has been amazing for me!! Not for the runway itself but for the support I feeled. Persons….many persons…(not pixels)….came to watch the show. Persons who I found on my way in these last months. Many of them has helped me, giving me their support, giving me ideas, giving me….their friendship. Persons who….actually…I am loving. Persons who I wish to deserve their friendship. But I don’t wish to be too long in this post. I would like to thank you one by one but it’s useless as everyone of you knows how much I love you. I also wish to thank Canary Models Agency for their trust organizing this runway for GLITTER….for me….Also, I wish to thank every model which has worked to styling my designs, making of them such an amazing looking. After many bad times in my RL, all of you have given me probably the only Christmas gift I will have. And this one is simply…..priceless…. From the bottom of my emotioned heart….HAPPY CHRISTMAS to everyone and ……THANK YOU !!!! ♥♥


Glitter runway


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