GLITTER at PENUMBRA Fashion Week Event

My beloved friends and wonderful top models have blogged these exclusive outfits for Penumbra in many ways. I cannot avoid to show you. I Love you all, I will never be grateful enough to all of you…♥♥


LA Lady by Judelin1

Nisha by Anne Daumig

Nisha by Euridice

Nisha by Judelin

Nisha Penumbra by Widelmina

Shaila gold 2 by Mila

Upscale by Layka 2



The runway at PENUMBRA was amazing!! The ambiance was giving the feeling of solemnity. The Cathedral, the organization, all the people has worked to held this event have all my admiration. I wish to thank them all for making of this event a must seen. So here you can see the 6 exclusives items I made for it. You can find it at the shop in PENUMBRA sim, here—->

I want to thank specially too to my friends and lovely models Mila Blauvelt, Diosaharu Adamski and Layke Stoone for these awesome pictures ♥

Upscale blog with logo by Layka

LA Lady blog by Diosa

Choose me by Diosa

Nisha 1 by Mila

Acquarius with logo by Mila

Shaila gold 1 by Mila


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